Develop demonstrations for lean logistic solutions

Virtual Manufacturing is a supplier of lean-based production development services and products. We believe in and are willing to take on the challenge of combining technology, methods and hard work around production development in order to achieve results. This is carried out both in the virtual and physical world, before and after the start of production. We want to help our customers find the products / tools to create value in production. All to help our customers achieve operational excellence faster. One part of this is our Lean Manufacturing product portfolio consiting of Flow Racks, Trollyes, Workstations and Automatic guided vehicles (AGVs). Automatic guided vehicles have become part and parcel of many plants. Their economic and practical advantages, as well as their ongoing technical evolution, have opened up new areas, invariably replacing established transport equipment like forklifts and pallet trucks to create a “stackerless factory.”

We need your help to create scenarios in a virtual environment where we show the benefits of the Lean Manufacturing Product (LMP)  portfolio. One example of a scenario could be to show how by introducing AGVs to a factory the number of forklift can be removed thus improving security. Another scenario could be to visualize the improved ergonomics situation when redesigning the station layout. 

The task for the project group consist of:
Develop demonstration scenarios for the product portfolio.
Visualize the scenarios in 3D Create
Add kinematics to existing CAD
o Use existing libraries and create new components to visualize your plan
o Crete an “AS IS” state and one “TO BE” state
- Develop a workflow for how we in the future could work with 3D Crete as an integrated parts of the LMP business area. 

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