New Factory design for Virtual LMP Linköping

Virtual Manufacturing is a supplier of lean-based production development services and products. We believe in and are willing to frontload activities to surprise avoidance.
Our current business in lean manufacturing products expand heavily during the years
The Volume increase in different ways – More customer, more product introduction by our global supplier BeeWatec in Germany and G.S ACE in South Korea and new suppliers that will expand our business in general.
We are looking for a production system that will feed our needs during 2017 and will be able to run a business volume of 30 MSEK.
The Project will start with a current status analyze of our situation and the backbone data we have for the factory set up this include 3D Layout, VSM,  AviX processes, Virtual LMP Way – Production system
We have a current factory and have an opportunity to rent an area in direct contact with our facilities.
In the Project, we would like to see a Future Layout concept with updated VSM and some improvements in general. We would like to see how we can step by step change our current factory set up to a future set up. 
There are two opportunities to do physical changes; first of Mars and first of June 2017.

The task for the project consist of:

  • Develop a 3D Layout (IronCad or Catia V5) /3D Scanning and VSM & Video / AviX to get some future state scenarios for the new product portfolio rollout.
  • Improvement of Material handling of long parts 4 meters and 6 meters – the volume will increase of a potential business case of new Alu Tube system of 42 mm and 60 mm – the second case is ta start up 45 mm Square system based on ITEM & Rexroth – We need to decrease the assembly time. 
  • Future Frame fixture and work cell improvements of 45x45 Steel system and Double 28mm system
  • Future “Gavel fixture” – Drawings beaming direct on the fixture to faster startup of assembly