Optimized methodology for P-FMEA

Project Scope: Optimized methodology for P-FMEA and change the working method for the P-FMEA. Connections to the Control Plan and action-points. When work in production changes, it affects the P-FMEA. Minimize administrative time and qualities assure the content of P-FME.

Results: New methodology for updating and creating working methods were developed. The working methods are stored and can be changed centrally to minimize administrative time. Each working method, has the P-FMEA data attached and is updating its P-FMEA and Control Plan at the same moment as the working method and the flow balance is changed. Action-points are connected by the working method and the P FMEA. Days of work turned into minutes. A previous work constantly lagging is now always up-to-date. Customer-specific P-FMEA template was built into AviX.