SMED analysis using AviX.

The project could the set-up time be reduced from 2.4 hours to 1:04 hours - 56.6%. At the same time new updated set instructions.

SMED analysis using AviX.
Virtual Manufacturing
has training within SMED and will give you the tools, tips and techniques to implement SMED in your business by:

  • Methodically visualize non value refiningtimein the set-up timeprocess.
  • Highlightingnonvalue refiningtimeby measuring andhigh-light theset-up timesin the process.
  • Helping youto see the differenceininnerandouteractivities.
  • Give examplesand ideashow to converttheinternalgearactivitiestoexternalactivities.
  • Demonstratinghow youcanuse Kaizenand5Sand getSMEDasa natural part of the company'simprovement processes.
  • SMEDtraining providespractical examples ofhow the method works. Weusepractical examplesfromyourown business.