Assembly & Production Flow

Within the business area Assembly & Production Flow's we focus on assembly projects where we conduct and carry out various services including station design, design of assembly lines with associated standardized working methods, work instructions, balancing, time, materials, facade balancing, layouts, etc. Virtual Manufacturing also perform services within Value Stream Mapping (VSM), including time and methodology studies.

Process Planning ME

Process planning is the link between product design and production. Designers typically develops products with a function. Process planers critically examine and give feedback to adapt the product to cost-effective production. Process planning continuously follows the project from new product to mass production.

Virtual Manufacturing offers consultants with extensive experience in process planning -both the traditional way in ERP systems, but also 3D - Based process planning in PLM systems. We have experience of working in different types of ERP / PLM systems, including Delmia, PTC, Siemens and AviX.

In "The Virtual Way" we want to work in the early phases with information such as 3D models with the knowledge that the majority of future product lifecycle cost way in a very early phases.We want to prepare our operators and obtain participation and feedback with preliminary training "Virtual Training", which is a part of our production development gate Virtual Start of Production -VSOP.

Typical tasks we can help with are:

  • Process planning, manufacturing analyzes DFA / DFM - product Review, Make or buy analyzes,
  • 3D Processing, - A DMU / Assembly Simulation & Sequencing,
  • 3D geometry simulates to ensure mount ability, packing & collision checks,
  • Process Planning / Method preparation of structure management (Process preparation, Process modeling),
  • Various support systems such as ERP / PLM, - time setting, - Calculation times, - Estimated times and standard times (MTM, SAM and AviX ) - Running curves / Beats,
  • VSM Value Stream Mapping, Process mapping, Flow simulation, Production simulation, DES - Desrete Event simulation, P- FMEA,
  • Work instructions, Line balancing, Station balancing,
  • Ergonomics , HSE / HSM, 2D/3D layout / Workplace design Cell / Line,
  • Construction of Flow Racks, Kit wagons,
  • Tooling & grip design, Industrialization, - Investment calculations,
  • Specifications - Technical Procurement support .

Work Instructions

Operators need work instructions in how to assemble, install and maintain products. Work instruction layouts depends on the complexity of the products, how long the operator has to review the instruction, how often the instructions are updated, etc. Work instructions should be conclusive and often independent of language.

Virtual Manufacturing have a long and broad experience in developing the best possible support for operators in the automotive, aircraft and traditional manufacturing industry.

According to "The Virtual Way" Virtual Manufacturing wants to, as early as possible, begin work on the work instructions. This in order to get feedback from both designers and operators in an early phase of development. We prefer to be involved in delivering a first draft of the work instruction already during the prototype production stage.

In our "Virtual Training" concept we have various tools/support that allows operators to test their knowledge in areas such as article number, assembly sequence, component knowledge, choice of tools and equipment and rules of procedure. We want to prepare  the operators and obtain their participation and feedback in an early phase. The final will be our gate “Virtual Start of Production – VSOP”. The goal in this stage is to lift focus to the entire workplace. We are well familiar with improving the work instruction and reaching the first stage of standardized work.

2D/3D Layout

In industrialization projects, whether it is in new or existing premises, the layout is an important and vital tool for planning, simulation, and communication. A layout in 3D is easier to understand and takes into account the height of the factory, including doors, ventilation ducts, etc. During the early phases of the design process it is important that the layout illustrates the challenges and demands of the manufacturing value chain. A complete designed layout should contain work in process (WIP).

Virtual Manufacturing offers consultants with extensive experience in both 2D and 3D layout work. The experience includes both on the technical side and the project management side.

According to the "The Virtual Way", Virtual Manufacturing conducts flow analysis and designs workplaces based on 3D layouts. Several alternative layouts are developed for better decision support. Virtual Manufacturing has developed methodology for creating 3D layouts in a structured manner. The method is based on scanning, modeling, texturing and communication.

Typical areas of expertise include:

  • 3D modeling of plant equipment with different accuracy settings based on where the models will be used.
  • 3D scanning to calibrate, verify and validate 2D/3D layouts.
  • Ergonomics, HSE
  • Design of material façade and kit trollies
  • Concept & detailed tool and fixture design
  • Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
  • Project management
  • Layout projects

Discrete Event Simulation & Material

Virtual Manufacturing develops visual models to analyze capacity, bottlenecks, buffer levels, product mixes, high storage and balancing. In addition to the actual production flow, we perform simulations on internal and external logistics.

Virtual Manufacturing offers consultants with extensive experience in material flow simulation. We are the largest material flow simulation group in Sweden and have experience from various different industries.

According to "The Virtual Way", we would like to verify our customer’s thoughts, ideas and expectations before buying equipment. This in order to be well prepared for the start of production. We develop our models visually, getting a understanding from all stake holders involved securing the future state.

Typical areas of expertise include:

  • “As is” analysis of today's production system – in order to get a better understanding of how the system works and what parameters effect it.
  • Capacity calculations.
  • Concept models.
  • Securing investment of a new equipment.
  • Verify new/updated PLC logic/code in advance - Virtual Commissioning.

Production Technology

Over a hundred years ago, production technology was developed by Henry Ford for in order to mass produce cars. By using concepts such as lean manufacturing and 6 Sigma, production technology was developed to enhance competitiveness. Today, a typical manufacturing facility is driven by many product variants, short lead times from customer order to delivery, small stocks and a good working environment for all personnel.

Virtual Manufacturing offers consultants who have with extensive experience in developing work methods, machines, people and processes to enhance the competitiveness of for our customers.

According to "The Virtual Way" we work with fact-based decisions and a high level of visualization in order to accomplish and achieve participation from all stake holders.

Typical tasks we can help with are:

  • Production Engineering, Methodological Studies, Methodology development, Time Studies, Frequency Studies 
  • Video Analysis, - time setting (MTM , SAM and AviX ), Running Curves / Beats,
  • Value stream - VSM Value Stream Mapping - Process Mapping,
  • P- FMEA updates
  • Work Instructions - Standard & Verified working instructions , - Standardized Work ,
  • Detailed Line Balancing / Station balancing, SMITH , Set Instructions, balancing,
  • Pack Instructions,
  • Ergonomics , HSE / HSE , Layout / Workplace Design Cell / Line
  • Construction of material Flow racks
  • Continuous improvement, Kaizen, 5S, Andon  Layered Audit - Climate Control
  • Industrialization, Investment calculations, Specifications,Technical Procurement Support


Production logistics improves material flows within a production facility. This in order to achieve a smoothed and leveled flow of goods. Production logistics includes a holistic approach to managing the associated cost of the piece, from start of manufacturing and to the point of assembly. Within the lean manufacturing perspective production/operations and logistics are more and more phasing the same challenges and are forced to approach issues in a similar matter.

Virtual Manufacturing offers consultants with broad experience in various logistics missions, from traditional inventory management to paced logistics processes.

According to "The Virtual Way", we seek to visualize all logistic flows with Material Flow Simulation. We work with traditional production techniques to balance out the various tasks and logistic system that tact in a production facility.

Typical areas of expertise include:

  • Flow - Flow Simulation - Production Simulation DES - Discrete Event Simulation
  • Capacity Calculations - trains, trailers
  • 3D Layout / IN / OUT zones , Warehouse / High storage
  • Design of materials Front, Kit wagons
  • Replenishment Models , Kanban principle , Blanked Parts , Stopping,
  • Packaging boxes, shadow boards
  • Analysis method, time setting
  • Cardboard / Packaging choice Vs Pace
  • Construction Balancing & pack Instructions

System Support

The requirement for multiple product variants within the same manufacturing facility sets high demands on the development and ongoing production processes. From the time a product is conceptually defined in engineering and design to work instructions and repair manuals everything can be integrated with a system support. Ongoing production processes can be more efficient with the right method and system support. Understanding of communication between man and machine is crucial for successful development of IT support.

Virtual Manufacturing offers consultants with broad experience to challenge and develop how people, processes and systems work together. We offer a wide range of integration and application development services to streamline a company's IT infrastructure. We develop support systems for our customer’s product development projects and their production and logistics processes. Our goal is to ensure that everyone works in a consistent, structured and effective way. There should always be a proven approach that is intuitive and easy to absorb.

According to "The Virtual Way" we work with the situation we are phased. We work with our client's systems and history and help them we understand that and utilize their investment in the best possible way.

Typical areas of expertise include:

  • Method Development, Application Development
  • Training of personnel, integration, methodology support
  • Testing of new releases, benchmarking
  • Process Mapping, selection of work processes and systems
  • Business Development, implementation of a PLM solution
  • System Architecture , system Integration PLM / ERP / MES etc. System testing
  • PLM - Structure of product data for production
  • PLM - Structure of the Process Library
  • PLM - Structure Property / Layout

3D Scanning

Industrial 3D scanning and measuring

We perform professional 3D laser scanning for technical surveying, virtual mapping and digitization of your buildings and production facilities. 3D scanning is a fast and efficient method for three-dimensional mapping of e.g. factories, production lines, workstations, installations and products. The 3D scan can be adapted to your CAD software.

Benefits of using 3D scans:

  • Visualize your factory, production line, workstation or similar.
  • Reverse Engineering & CAD Comparison
  • Make measurements directly in the three-dimensional layout from the office.
  • Add new layout proposals to the scan and check that no conflicts arise.
  • The three-dimensional layout can be divided into individual components, such as machinery, piping, storage system operators, etc. This makes it possible to simulate and visualize the reorganization of the existing production.
  • Operator Training in virtual reality.
  • Webshare – the opportunity to access the mapping from any computer.

The scanning equipment is not bulky and production can continue uninterrupted while the 3D scan is made. We can scan objects of all sizes, both indoors and outdoors. 


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