In industrialization projects, whether it is in new or existing premises, the layout is an important and vital tool for planning, simulation, and communication. A layout in 3D is easier to understand and takes into account the height of the factory, including doors, ventilation ducts, etc. During the early phases of the design process it is important that the layout illustrates the challenges and demands of the manufacturing value chain. A complete designed layout should contain work in process (WIP).

Virtual Manufacturing offers consultants with extensive experience in both 2D and 3D layout work. The experience includes both on the technical side and the project management side.

According to the "The Virtual Way", Virtual Manufacturing conducts flow analysis and designs workplaces based on 3D layouts. Several alternative layouts are developed for better decision support. Virtual Manufacturing has developed methodology for creating 3D layouts in a structured manner. The method is based on scanning, modeling, texturing and communication.

Typical areas of expertise include:

  • 3D modeling of plant equipment with different accuracy settings based on where the models will be used.
  • 3D scanning to calibrate, verify and validate 2D/3D layouts.
  • Ergonomics, HSE
  • Design of material façade and kit trollies
  • Concept & detailed tool and fixture design
  • Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
  • Project management
  • Layout projects