Industrial Management

Within the business area Industrial Management, Virtual Manufacturing has a team with broad experience and know how to support, manage and implement projects within areas such as Industrialization, Lean Transformation, Operations, Project Management and Manufacturing PLM. This group has a long and solid industrial experience within manufacturing. We can and we want to share with you our extensive experience to increase the profitability in industrial companies.


We have helped a lot of companies through their product industrialization phases. Even the best products can fail on a competitive market if production costs are not considered in parallel to production design.
This relates both to the introduction of new products and/or existing products modified to meet new production methods.

Virtual Manufacturing contributes by challenging the product design and makes sure that it supports the manufacturing processes by means of  “Design For Manufacturing” and “Design For Assembly”.



Production Technology

Through involvement in projects across many different industry domains, we have built up a strong know how covering different production processes as well as the equipment supporting these processes. We have used this multi domain knowledge and know how to successfully move production technology from one industry domain to another.

Virtual Manufacturing are constantly monitoring new production methods and trends. We help companies to clarify their options and to implement them in an innovative and cost efficient way.


Lean Transformation

Using virtual manufacturing tools as a foundation for lean activites secures a higher level of readiness when prior to reaching the start of production gate. The combination of virtual production development and lean manufacturing enables you to detect conflicts at an early stage and allows you to react before investments in physical equipment forces you to think in workarounds or reinvestment. All though this is not a conventional area within lean manufacturing and its application, we have created great results for our customers.

Virtual Manufacturing have 25 years of lean manufacturing experience based on work and projects performed for the most demanding industries, i.e. automotive and aerospace. Focus is always on product engineering as well as manufacturing engineering and operations.


Operation & Project Management

This is where we deliver our full lean portfolio, including lean transformation, shop floor management and daily management. Within this area people are often the center of attention. Since people interact with each other we focus on creating an understanding in peoples mind and securing an attitude that creates space for continuous improvement. Our knowledge comes to your advantage when planning new factories, changing production technologies or moving production between sites.

Virtual Manufacturing have a strong team of industrial management consultants to support your journey to operational excellence or to drive turnaround projects in your operating factories.


Manufacturing PLM

Manufacturing PLM enables engineers with different focus areas to share knowledge and to link products, processes and manufacturing resources in any way relevant and thereby breaking down knowledge silos well known in a conventional R&D center. Furthermore, working object oriented with processes rather than pictures in a powerpoint enables sharing, reuse, versioning and easy maintenance of master data. Closing the gap between product design and production engineering is a prerequisite for working efficiently with DFM/DFA and many other development disciplines.

Virtual Manufacturing have been involved in many major PLM implementations and helped costumers to understand the technology and to strategically connect Manufacturing PLM into their organization.



  • Daniel Wigren MD - Sales, Sweden

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    Daniel Wigren MD - Sales, Sweden

  • Torbjörn Danielsson Manager A&PF & I&M - Sales

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    Torbjörn Danielsson Manager A&PF & I&M - Sales

  • Pontus Rosengren Head of Southeast Asia – Sales

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    Pontus Rosengren Head of Southeast Asia – Sales

  • Peder Hallberg Senior Lean Management Advisor

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    Peder Hallberg Senior Lean Management Advisor

  • Per Börjesson Senior Consultant

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    Per Börjesson Senior Consultant

  • Patric Högström Senior Consultant

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    Patric Högström Senior Consultant