Lean Manufacturing Products

Virtual Manufacturing wants through Lean Manufacturing Products create reflection and inspiration to our existing customers. The products should be affordable and beneficial to have in order to help in the standardized work, 5S and your continued improvement work. We want to help our customers find the products / tools to create value in production. All to help our customers achieve operational excellence faster.

Flow Racks

The BeeWaTec pipe racking system by G.S ACE is the construction material that allows you to create your individual production environments simply and speedily.

You can easily assembly kanban shelving, flow racks, transport trolleys, ­tugger trains, work stations and supply shelves … effective and ergonomic workplaces and production environments that you can develop and alter again and again according to your requirements. This makes our kit system the perfect way to implement kaizen and lean manufacturing principles.


Where it’s a question of building trolleys with pipe racking systems which can handle jerks or high tensile stresses one comes up against the limits of what’s possible using conventional methods.

For this ­reason BeeWaTec has provides a solution which brings with it sufficient ­stability without curbing the flexibility of the pipe racking system: a robust square pipe base frame with brackets for the BeeWaTec pipe racking system by G.S ACE. The trolleys can be transported by forklift trucks by means of fork brackets. And the pre-fabricated joints of the square pipe system make it just as easy to manipulate without the need for welding as round pipes.

Individually designed trolley, made with square pipe, at the bottom part of the frame are brackets for forklifts.In order to improve handling of trains consisting of several trailers we have developed turntable steering, permitting the construction of trailers with very precise tracking. The construction uses a base frame made of stable square pipes.


Seen from the economic point of view the configuration of the workplace is a key factor in a company’s efficiency. The result: the workplace has to adapt to the person, not the other way round!

The flexible BeeWaTec systems for assembly work stations make it possible to work efficiently even under changing requirements. At the same time they promote your employees’ wellbeing in that they can be adjusted to suit physical requirements.

AGV- Automatic Guided Vehicles

Automatic guided vehicles have become part and parcel of many plants. Their economic and practical advantages, as well as their ongoing technical evolution, have opened up new areas, invariably replacing established transport equipment like forklifts and pallet trucks to create a “stackerless factory.”

In the development of its AGV solutions, BeeWaTec banks on simple ­solutions, cost-effective modular systems and smart processes that follow the lean manufacturing principle. The result are real low-cost solutions that can be implemented simply and at a competitive price, that are reliable in daily operation and can be adapted at all times to changing conditions.

Workstation Equipment

Virtual Manufacturing offers you a variety of equipment and work materials developed for professionals and tried and tested in practice. Because even though tasks and needs are different everywhere one thing remains constant: the highest expectations regarding stability, flexible use and durability.

  • Tool holder panels
  • Workplace mats
  • Magnetic tool holders
  • Plastic bins
  • Plastic boxes
  • Shadowboard
  • etc

Shopfloor Management

Lean management and lean administration methods have become increasingly accepted in many fields of processional life. “Lean” means, in effect, “adding value without waste” and has the aim of utilizing resources in the most effective way possible, safeguarding customer satisfaction and, in so doing, permanently improving the competitive position of companies.
BeeWaTec provides many simple yet sophisticated aids designed to optimize workflow management:

  • Kanban board system with planning accessories.
  • Personnel planning boards
  • Production monitoring boards.
  • Information board


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