Robotics & Automation

Our customers are continously investing money in automation to increase the competitiveness when it comes to cost, quality and flexibility. As investments goes up so does the risk. Carefull planning, definition and verification of automated production equipment are key activities in order to avoid surprises and benefit the most from theinvestment made. In Robotics & Automation, we have assembled a team to manage and support all forms of automation processes. From single robot cells to complete robot lines. We have extensive experience in manufacturing processes such as welding, painting, handling, water jet cutting, sealing, spot welding, etc.

Tooling Design

Fixtures, grippers and other tools are custom made for each station in order to successfully perform the actions required to complete the processes assigned to that station.Process, Product and Resource definitions are all prerequisites for a valid tooling design.

Virtual Manufacturing consultants have a long history designing tooling equipment for an automated environment where requirements inherited from processes, products and resources all come together.


Robot Simulation

Dimensioning of robots and their surroundings can be done very precisely by means of simulation. Reachability studies, collision detection and cycle time evaluation helps to ensure the perfect layout and equipment sizing. Off-line programming based on the simulation work helps to commission the equipment flawlessly within a very short timeframe.

Virtual Manufacturing have more than 15 years of experience within robot simulation and off-line programming for all major robot vendors.


3D Layout

When new equipment is installed it is always important to visualize the goal in order to align your teams, exclude misunderstandings and avoid surprises. A detailed 3D layout enables more complex robotic simulations in order to optimize sequences and the control logic with respect to product flow and zone allocation.

Virtual Manufacturing has a well-defined methodology for reaching optimum, greenfield 3D layouts. Where existing installations needs to be taken into account these methodologies are additionally supported with scanning and other techniques.

Virtual Commissioning

Based on the complete virtual model of your production line, you can debug and fine-tune your physical PLC and its control logic. While doing that, you can discover and prepare procedures for many exception scenarios like emergency stops and other events that are not in the primary sequences. All this helps to compress ramp-up time.

Virtual Manufacturing can support your control engineers by creating the virtual environment needed to verify and optimize the PLC programs. We also prepare virtual environments for off-line training of operators and service personnel.


Physical Commissioning

The physical environment is the best place for production technicians and Robot OLP programmers to exchange knowledge and elevate craftsmanship into the final production setup. Especially when introducing new processes, this rendezvous could happen as a sequence of gate related process tests.

Based on work carried out in the virtual environment, a physical installation will appear. Deviations between virtual and physical environments are handled through calibration and touch-up on OLP. Updating the virtual environment to reflect As-Built enables NPI to existing production lines.

Virtual Manufacturing can assist you through equipment installation, during factory ramp-up and with continous improvement based on our practical experience and broad skillset. 



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