Assets tracking

Virtual Manufacturing is a supplier of lean-based production development services and products. 

Virtual Manufacturing have standardized gate driven project model for NIP – New Improvement Projects 

Our current in data phase to cover “ASIS” Current scenario we use different methods and tools to get as much data as possible to be used in the future state scenario “TOBE”

We 3D Scan the production; we video record the process with an observer or using the operator with a head mounted video camera. We also try to take as much info we can get from existing ERP / MES system and addition Excel spread sheet that exist

In this area, we see the potential of tracking assets in different levels.


  1. Single Human motion tracking to find standardized work – Work cell level – detailed tracking, hands etc  - Outcome could be analyses to see the best movement to get a base to document standardized work. We also need to describe the standard, take the recorded Video, maybe get the tracked data in to a Human simulation model to visualize the best standard, use this to get the standard in to a Virtual Training Software
  2. Single Human motion tracking as a part of a Pick-To-XX solution – Detailed tracking of hands to be a part of a pick-to-XX system solution – The scope is to see if a motion tracking system could identify that you have picked a part / Places a part
  3. Single/multiple hand Tool tracking as a part of tracking and to give feedback for a assembly process – Work cell level – detailed tracking, hands / hand tools etc.  - Outcome will be that you secure that you have assembled all screws meaning that the tool has been working in a predefined area.
  4. Human Team Tracking – SMED , 1-2 person for a Machine change over to get the sequence & spaghetti diagram typical for a SMED case, outcome is a 2D or 3D spaghetti diagram and how many steps / meters the operator have walked. The tracking system must be used over time to see the physical walk parts Vs recommended standard
  5. Human Team Tracking Takted cell / Line – 3 – 5 persons in a takted cell the sequence & spaghetti diagram, could be interest if we could get the walk path in a Human simulation software.
  6. General Human tracking to get a “Waste Heat map” - “Big Data” to see were the potential to improve by detailed analyze – outcome is some Spaghetti diagram / Heat map how many steps / meters. Need predefined “Home Area” as Green Area and level of areas colored by heat. In this case, we talk 5-10 People up to 1000.
  7. General Internal Logistics tracking “Forklifts / Tugger Trains) to get a “Waste Heat map” - “Big Data” to see were the potential to improve by detailed analyze – outcome is some Spaghetti diagram / Process definition of Logistics routes. Heat map how many meters & Speed. In this case, we talk 5-10 forklift. We would like to track when we dive empty, when we drive with an empty pallet, when we drive with material, when we move the forks, When we pick material
  8. General Internal Logistics real time tracking of Parts / kit carts / wagons / trolleys to get a “Find your XXX Map” – the case is to have real time tracking of production equipment / Internal logistics Equipment to have a easy access to help you on the shop floor to know where it is – could be a part that you will track to see if it has gone from one department to another etc. outcome will be a web based solution like “find your IPhone” type of interface
  9. Tracking of orders through a factory/office “find your order in a process Map” The case is to track “papers” orders through an administration or manufacturing process see Barboursville for case.
  10. Tracking of 5S-devices factory/office “Critical and/or Expensive devices in place” The case is to track critical devices/tooling’s during and after production. Secure that all tools are at the right place and position.
We are looking for a prototype and test the prototypes in an industrial environment either in our own production or at customer/partners.
The Project will start with a current state analyze of the cases mentioned above and after that we priorities together how to continue. We have done some pre-Studies some tools that could be a part of tracking solutions, Beacons, IR Tracking and Camera Tracking.
The Software involved is the tracking hardware related software and software like IPS Human IMMA, Visual Components, IronCad, AviX, App development Android.
The task for the project consist of:
  • Build the Value Proposition Canvas for each case and prioritize
  • Get trained in need software
  • Review the use case and check end users’ needs and feedback for the value proposition
  • Develop the prototype case
  • Do the case study and deliver success story 

Torbjörn Danielsson
Manager A&PF and IM

Pontus Rosengren
Business Development - Sales
Jakob Krozer
Project Manager Virtual Manufacturing Industrial Manager