Field study: Industrial indoor tracking

Master thesis proposal


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Problem description

Tracking of assets, such as operators and forklifts, can be one way to gain knowledge of how industrial processes are currently being performed. To have access to real-time data can ensure that decisions in development projects are based on facts. This data can be used to improve current working processes, analyse work ergonomics, quality assurance or training of new employees. There is a need to understand how indoor tracking equipment can be used for different purposes and to test different tracking equipment in real industrial settings to develop a best practice for how and when it can be used.


Proposed research questions:

Research question 1: For what types of projects can indoor tracking be used?

Research question 2: What is the best practice for different tracking equipment?



Live tracking of assets in a warehouse


Number of students

2 students



Assembly and Production Flow



Johanna Sigvardsson