Field Study: Virtual Twin

Master thesis proposal


Virtual Manufacturing is a supplier of lean-based production development services. We believe in and are willing to take on the challenge of combining technology, methods and hard work around production development in order to achieve results.


Problem description

Today, a lot of companies and researchers talks about digital twin as a part of industry 4.0. Virtual Twin is Virtual Manufacturing’s own brand of digital twin that we promote to our customers. A big question is if the industry is ready for a Virtual Twin, what data should be available and why.


Proposed research questions

Research question 1: What is the need of Virtual Twin in industry? What are the benefits that can come from having a Virtual Twin?

Research question 2: What data should be available in a Virtual Twin? What is the industry asking for?


NavVis indoor viewer


Number of students

2 students



Industrial Management



William Falkenström


Johanna Sigvardsson