Pick to HoloLens - Graphical User Interface

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Previous thesis work

A thesis work to develop the pick to HoloLens concept have been carried out during the autumn of 2016. The outcome of the work is an app that can guide an operator to the correct picking position in a kitting station. The app guides the operator to the correct part and at same times as the amount of parts to be picked is visual. When that part or parts are picked the operator gets information where to put the part/parts. There are three methods to get the app to move to the next part. Either the operator uses voice saint “yes, hello, next”, or using “air tap” which means that the operator is tapping his/hers fingers in front of the HoloLens, the last alternative is to use a cord less remote-control. 
The app is currently designed for a specific experiment performed during the thesis. 
In the current version there is no connection to an ERP system and all pick positions are manually configurated. 

Deficiencies in the current setup

The application GUI design is not created in an intuitive matter. The current design is just design in a simple and functional way. 

Desired future state

The application for kitting should have the most effective and user friendly design to guide an operator through the kitting tasks. 


Effective and intuitive way of guidance for the user.
A standardization of how to implement a menu interface for HoloLens applications. The user should have an easy oriented experience through the menu. The menu should also have a modern design that inspires the user.


The application is written in C# and the holograms is drawn in an CAD software. Programming skills and some GUI design knowledge is required. 



Torbjörn Danielsson

Manager assembly & Production flow and Industrial management

William Falkenström
Consultant Assembly & Production flow

Mikael Miettinen
Consultant Assembly & Production flow