Human motion analysis based on human pose estimation

Master thesis proposal


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Problem description

Ergonomics in within assembly is always in need of improvement. Human pose estimation is used in many different areas, gaming and safety for instance. Virtual Manufacturing uses Avix for analysing assembly processes and to create work instructions. Avix can also be used to evaluate ergonomics, but values for different movements must be added manually. Human pose estimation could be a way to automatically set ergonomic points to the analysis.


Research question 1: How can data be transferred from a human pose estimation system to Avix?

Research question 2: Is the data to be trusted or is it more accurate to make it manually?


(Top) Human pose estimation (Bottom) Avix ergo.


Number of students

2 students



Assembly and production flow



Oskar Hård  


Johanna Dahlvik


Johanna Sigvardsson