Human motion simulation with ergonomics evaluation

Master thesis proposal


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Problem description

Ergonomics in within assembly is always in need of improvement. Simulation has been used for a long time to analyse production flow and can also be used for ergonomics. IPS IMMA is a simulation tool that can be used to analyse ergonomics. Nexonar is a tracking tool that can be used to track human motion.


Research question 1: How would IPS IMMA and Nexonar transfer data in real time with each other?

Research question 2: How can simulation of ergonomics and tracking of motions in combination increase quality of assembly processes?


(Top) IPS  IMMA (Bottom) Nexonar.


Number of students

2 students



Assembly and production flow



Johanna Dahlvik  


Johanna Sigvardsson


Johanna Sigvardsson