Inverse kinematics for evaluation of ergonomics in production

Master thesis proposal


Virtual Manufacturing is a supplier of lean-based production development services. We believe in and are willing to take on the challenge of combining technology, methods and hard work around production development in order to achieve results.


Problem description

Inverse Kinematics (IK) is the process of calculating rotations for a set of joints to make the final joint reach a position. IK can be used to calculate the rotations of shoulders, elbows and wrists to reach a point in space. Ergonomics in within assembly is always in need of improvement. Is it possible to use inverse kinematics to evaluate ergonomics in an assembly process? We would like to investigate how ergonomics can be evaluated in Virtual Reality in the design phase. We believe that one production engineer and one IT/programming engineer is needed for this thesis.


Proposed research questions

Research question 1: How can inverse kinematics be used to calculate how a person is moving?

Research question 2: How can inverse kinematics be used to evaluate and improve ergonomics?

Inverse kinematics in Unity.


Number of students

2 students


Number of students

Assembly and Production Flow



William Falkenström



Johanna Sigvardsson