Photogrammetry and laser scanning

Master thesis proposal


Virtual Manufacturing is a supplier of lean-based production development services. We believe in and are willing to take on the challenge of combining technology, methods and hard work around production development in order to achieve results.


Problem description

Virtual Manufacturing uses laser scanning to visualize and demonstrate concepts in 3D models to our customers. Photogrammetry uses photographs as an input to create 3D models as an output. There is a need to compare laser scans and photo scans regarding accuracy and finish, and to combine these to get better visualization of concepts in the future. The goal for Virtual Manufacturing is to shorten lead times from our first sales meeting to delivery by using equipment’s that can visualize our ideas. Can photogrammetry be used to improve looks of meshes for 3D models? What is the most suitable set up to use when taking these photos?



Photogrammetry (top), 3D Scanning (bottom)


Number of students

2 students



Assembly and Production Flow



Oskar Hård


Johanna Sigvardsson