Picking and assembly with different picking information systems

Master thesis proposal


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Problem description

To support picking and assembly processes in production and logistics, several picking information systems are available to guide the operator to pick the correct part. There is a need to compare different applications regarding cost, quality and ergonomics to understand which application that is most suitable to use. There is also a need to investigate different ways to present the information and to check that the right part has been picked. Microsoft HoloLens 2, Arkite HIM and RFID bracelets are examples of different applications that can be tested and evaluated.


Proposed research questions

Research question 1: How is cost, quality and ergonomics affected when using different types of applications for presenting information?

Research question 2: How is cost, quality and ergonomics affected when checking that the correct part has been picked?


HoloLens picking information system.


Number of students

2 students



Assembly and Production Flow



Johanna Sigvardsson



William Falkenström