Virtustrada; Connection between software

Virtual Manufacturing

Virtual Manufacturing is a supplier of lean-based production development services. We believe in and are willing to take on the challenges of combining technology, methods and hard work around production development in order to achieve results. This is carried out both in the virtual and physical world, before and after the start of production. In projects, on a daily basis, we fulfil our own and our clients' dreams. We know how to create value together with our clients. Virtual Manufacturing shall be the natural, most innovative partner in modern production development. Competence, quality and long term sustainable commitment are our guiding principles. By using new approaches and perspectives we help leading companies in the manufacturing industry achieve "operational excellence" faster. 

Project tools


- visualizing and analysing tool for video recorded processes in a factory. 
- a tool to analyse workflows with standard times and classify tasks in value addes, necessary and losses. 


- a single tool, visualize and understand the interaction between material provisioning and worker processes.
- simulate production processes etc.

Previous work

An add-on in Avix is developed which exports excel data from Avix and then displays it in the Virtustrada application. 
Graphic User Interface is created

Desired future state

An application/add-on which can import chosen parameters from a Avix analysis into Virtustrada and display it for the user in a simple and useful way.  The user should be able to select and edit parameters which shall be imported into IPO.Log for a virtual analysis. 
Export data from Virtustrada into IPO.Log with the correct data and parameters.


Read and transform data from IPO.Log and Avix through Virtustrada
Collect and sort important data for the supposed user
Good knowledge in object originated programming and system design


Torbjörn Danielsson
Manager assembly & Production flow and Industrial management

William Falkenström
Consultant Assembly & Production flow

Mikael Miettinen
Consultant Assembly & Production flow