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Virtual Manufacturing har inom Labs samlat information för att stödja, driva och genomföra spännande projekt som ligger i framkant inom Manufacturing t.ex. Connected - IOT – Physical Factory Web, Working with Robots - Collaborative Robots, Sharing information - Monitoring – KPI – HMI, VR / AR Virtual & Augmented Reality. Vi kan och vi vill dela med oss av våra gedigna erfarenheter för att få industriföretag mer lönsamma.

Tracking & Sensor system

The advantage and possibility with asset tracking is a key opener to make more effective decisions in production development. Also, the possibility to secure critical operations is possible with tracking in a production environment.

We have developed different tracking applications with different sort of tracking technology.

We have used:
                             Bluetooth technology
                             Ultra-Wide Band technology
                             Infrared technology

The Bluetooth tracking and Ultra-Wide tracking, we have been using it for both proximity tracking and position tracking.

Proximity tracking has a good potential in zone bases tracking - how should information be presented in different distances from the point of interest?

Position tracking of humans with Bluetooth technology is getting more accurate every year and now we see a possibility to start creating spaghetti diagrams from this technology. It is easy to set up and then start to collect data.

Position tracking of tools is also something that we have been developing with. In this case when  high accuracy and robustness is needed, we have been using IR technology. With an IR camera and some IR beacons we have the potential to track tools and make sure that the tools have been on specific critical positions. For instance, if you have a screw joint and want to be sure that all screws have been entered, then this system can monitor that the correct amount and correct positions have been done.

Kontakta mig

Virtual Reality

Our experience with Virtual Reality goes back to the end of the 90s. Back then the computer was a SGI Onyx2 and the headset was 263 x 230 pixels per eye.

In 2016 the hardware performance/price index reached levels that made it possible to start develop customer applications.

The benefits from using VR is that you are “in the model”, in human size scale. The Environment is realistic and it is easy to navigate around.

We mainly focus on 3 areas of use of VR.

  1. Layout – Decision Confidence
    • When we are doing changes to the layout, existing or new factories. VR gives extra confidence in decision taking. Our customers may walk around inside the different concepts. The entire team can gather around the VR environment and discuss the concepts.
    • The ordinary DES project can be reviewed in VR.
    • The VR environment can easily be distributed to lighter VR headset solutions. Shared in a cloud service.
    • 3D Scanned asis layouts can be reviewed in VR.
  2. Virtual Training – Faster ramp up
    • Operators can be trained on new operations before there is a physical environment.
    • Maintenance personnel can be trained before arriving at site. Especially powerful in hazardous environments.
    • Do Offliine Programming in VR.
  3. Workplace – Ergonomics and Human interaction.
    • Build new workplaces in VR. Build from library of equipment. Get direct feedback on the ergonomics of the workplace.
    • Evaluate existing workplaces. (3D Scanned or 3D CAD)
    • Human interaction in automated statins. Virtual Commissioning.


Self-navigating Autonomous intelligent Vehicle (AIV)

An AIV is the new generation of AGV solutions that have begun to emerge on the market. The big difference between an AGV and an AIV is how they see and navigate through a factory.

A traditional AGV follows a predetermined path that can be a line, marker or laser & target Beacons. An AVI scans its environment and can, with the help of this map, calculate the most efficient way to its destination. When an AIV travels to its destination, it scans its environment and uses this information to avoid people and changes in the factory layout without the need of reprogramming.

Advantages of an AIV are:

  • Easier - no magnets or wires to bury or tape that may have a limited lifetime because of wear.
  • Safer - avoids people, can maneuver through a crowd of people walking down a corridor.
  • Intelligence - If one corridor or aisle is blocked the vehicle should be able to find an alternative route to reach its goal.
  • Path finding - Can adjust to the periodic movement of shelves, equipment, carts etc. without manual intervention.
  • Collaboration - multiple vehicles are able to operate together to find the most efficient method of executing multiple tasks.

Virtual Manufacturing can help you with an AIV solution that suits your business by

  • simulation to determine the number of vehicles required for your process.
  • constructing logistics solutions to achieve fully automated transport of materials.
  • installing a complete AIV system.


Assembly to AR

Arkites Human Interface Mate (HIM) förvandlar arbetsstationer till en digital och interaktiv miljö.
Visuella arbetsinstruktioner är vägen till noll fel.
HIM tillhandahåller operatören i realtid plocknings och monteringsinstruktioner genom Augmented Reality och varnar interaktivt för eventuella fel. Den smarta sensorn validerar korrekt utförande av plocknings och monteringsuppgifter och säkerställer att rätt uppgifter är utförda och förhindrar där genom mänskliga fel.

Stöd för noll fel

Den innovativa tekniken leder medarbetaren felfri genom sitt arbete och bidrar därmed inte bara till ökad effektivitet utan förbättrar också flexibiliteten och kvaliteten i monteringsprocesserna. Manualer, checklistor eller handskrivna instruktioner är nu ett minne blott. På grund av HIM programvarans användarvänliga gränssnitt kan produktionstekniker och operatörer skapa arbetsinstruktioner utan programmeringskunskaper. HIM kan integreras med kundens It system, till exempel smarta verktyg så som uppkopplade skruvdragare, moderna processberedningssystem tex AviX , MES och ERP. Dessa smarta integrationer gör det möjligt att inkludera arbetsstationens befintliga miljö och säkra viktiga aspekter av processen.



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