Advanced, Integrated Technology

Why are Omron mobile robots the most advanced Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles?


Mapping and Navigation


Acuity provides an additional method of “localization” to the onboard laser, helping the robot adjust to frequently changing environments. 
It identifies overhead lights and overlays the “light map” with the “floor map”. It also allows the robots to move easily across wide-open areas in large warehouses.


Omron mobile robots are fully safety compliant*. They use an onboard laser and other sensors to detect obstacles in their path and, based on speed of travel, trigger an E-stop to prevent vehicle collision. 
· Safety Rated Main Laser 
· Lower Laser 
· Side Lasers (Patented) 
· Front Bumper 
· Rear Sonar 
· Rear Laser



Fleet Management


Enterprise Manager is a network appliance that provides coordination of mobile robots while providing traceability, job allocation and traffic control across the entire fleet.

Transport Request (Job) Allocation: Distributes across multiple mobile robots by selecting the best vehicle to perform the job. 
Traffic Control: Optimizes traffic flow of vehicles. 
Communications: Single point of contact for integration with factory systems (MES, WMS, ERP, etc.). 
MobilePlanner: PC-based software user interface to manage the robot or the fleet.



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